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So many misfortunes has befallen as of today. First, the internet was not working yesterday which I thought would be a temporary setback. Today, I got the news that it wouldn’t be fixed until 30th April. OMG?! What am I suppose to do every night after work? Apparently, someone stole the underground cable so there wasn’t even a dial tone.

As if the heaven have heard our sorrows, there were heavy downpours right after. Haha… Yeah, I know Taiping is a rain town. And TODAY, it has live up to its name. For the first time in 3 years I’ve been here, it flooded the hospital. We were all quite amazed at the flooded entrance cause there was a car at danger of being drowned by the water.

Then came the news that our very own satellite was flooded. Mind you, the water came from above the ceiling and of all places, it poured right above all our precious drugs! One minute, the satellite was a peaceful place and then the next minute, it became a disaster. The desktop, the printers, documents, drugs were all soaked with water. My friend’s clinic was actually flooded one foot deep. Somehow this feels amusing rather than horror. It’s like some scene from a movie that I still can’t believe.

Anyway, the fact that I can post this on the day it happen shows that a miracle has happen. I can use my broadband again merely after 9 hours they broke the bad news about taking ONE month to fix the problem. I wonder if it has anything to do with tomorrow’s event.


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25 Random Things About Me

There is some hype going on in FB where everyone’s suppose to write 25 randoms thing about themselves and tag 25 of their friends. Instead of posting it in FB, I’d like to post it in my page instead.

1. I love dogs but I never owned one. I’m afraid it’s lifespan will be shortened by me… Don’t think I can even take care of myself.

2. I always dream of being surprised with something so happy until I’m close to tears. Never experienced that in my life.

3. People always compliment my hair and I didn’t need much effort to make it look good.

4. I never own a bottle of perfume before. But I’d like to own one someday (quality ones).

5. I get annoyed when people wear cheap perfumes in crowded places. It makes the smell too overwhelming that my nose can’t stand it.

6. My dream car is Volkswagen Beetle.

7.  I don’t go cinemas to watch comedies that is not logical to the mind.

8. I’m really really scared of roaches.

9. I’m very bad in sports… any kind of sports.

10. I’d like to learn how to dance, Latin dance esp.

11. I love traveling and wish to travel every corner of the world… if I have the means.

12. I hate people who smokes.

13. I yearned for attention but I’m actually very shy.

14. I keep my problems to myself but I’m very willing to listen to other people’s problem.

15. The only time my boyfriend ever gave me flowers was during my graduation.

16. I don’t like cleaning. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t.

17. My favourite colour is blue but I don’t drink any drinks in blue.

18. I missed the time when I holiday in the States.

19. I’m currently obsessed with Bleach & Heroes.

20. I don’t have musical talents.

21. I think I suffer from inferiority complex. My boyfriend always say that I want everything other people has.

22. I love shoes, I love chocolates, I love flowers, I love jeweleries, I love to be showered with gifts… just like every other girl.

23.  I’d like to be a bridesmaid at least once before I get married (quite unlikely)

24. If I can choose an ability, it would be telekinesis or mind reading. And I don’t wish to be invisible.

25. I’m getting bored of the life I’m going through right now. If not already.

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Amidst the political chaos in my birth state, life still goes on as usual. I still work in Taiping during weekdays and travel back to Ipoh during weekends. The only difference I noticed is the increase movements of some big shots. This is because I saw police escorts on the road with a limousine following behind for at least 3 times. Once during my travel back to Ipoh on Friday and twice today while I drove back to Taiping. Other than that, Jalan Gopeng where UMNO building and and Istana Kinta are situated, is off limits to the public (my pities to Casuarina Hotel…). 2 truckloads of FRU crews were on stand by there when I went to that area. MB’s house were guarded as well. Other wise, I don’t feel that my safety is threatened. People still thronged to Kinta City to shop… still have to look for hours to get a parking there. Though, as a Perakian, I feel like we’re a laughing stock right now.

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It’s Pharmacist

A houseman and a specialist wrote this in the BHT: famacyst, farmacist. Respectively. I wonder which part of us look like a cyst… Hmm…

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I have been busy lately with weddings. Yeah, but it’s not mine. As I’ve predicted early in the year (http://jesse-wong.blog.friendster.com/2008/01/end-of-year-2007/), I’ll be busy attending wedding dinner which is quite true now that end of the year is approaching.

So far I’ve gone to 3 weddings (2 from Ipoh and another in Johor) and just last week, I’ve received a total of 3 wedding invitations where 2 is from Ipoh and another in Johor as well. I also will be expected to attend another one in 2 weeks time.

The most recent wedding that I’ve been to, have really opened my eyes. I have not expected much since the place I went is Segamat which is suppose to be quite ‘ulu’ (Sorry YL). I guess it’s worth traveling all the way down south at the end.

The ‘fried mee’ session was actually the grandest by far. It seemed like almost the whole Segamat is there to attend the fully served buffet (rows & rows of dishes to choose from). When it’s time to ‘pick up’ the bride the next morning, the ‘sisters (ji mui)’ games were so enjoyable. They really took their time and made sure the groom and ‘brothers’ doesn’t have good time. Made us feel like we didn’t do enough for Lee Chen’s wedding when we played as ‘sisters’.

Even the main event of dining is beyond my expectation. First, it’s done in daytime. Yup, so it’s lunch instead of dinner. The venue is so new and so much more sophisticated than any restaurants in Ipoh that I’ve been to. The food? Scrumptious! What can say… I’m served with abalone, individually prepared (in ‘dan chung’) shark fin soup with dried scallops as well as hasma for dessert.

All in all, I had an enjoyable time there in Johor. So, it has made my day and did not regret going all the way down south. It’s really worth it. Thanks a bunch to the groom for his great hospitality and WT & PT for the great photography (though I have yet to see it… but I’m sure it will turn out beautifully)

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Let’s see…

1. Air ticket — checked
2. Passport — checked
3. USD — checked (could do with more but should be enough *wink*)
4. Yen — checked
5. Packing luggage — this is a tough one but… checked
6. Yoyo Bus ticket to KLIA — checked
7. Bikini — checked!
8. Shopping list — checked
9. Camera — checked
10. Myself!! — checked

Ok. All set and ready to go! *wink*

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