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My Wild Boar Experience

This was actually quite some time ago but I didn’t have chance to write about it until now. There’s this Indian Temple behind Tesco which is visited by wild boars at night. Seems like it’s very famous as I heard some people from overseas also visit this place to have a look as well as try to touch the boar. Why? Well, it’s said that touching the boar brings good luck and you can strike a lottery. Haha… so who wouldn’t wanna try their luck?

Anyway, after so much hype about the place, I had chance to go almost 2 months ago. So I went and check out the place to see what it’s all about. It was raining in the evening and we went quite late… about 9 something at night. The rain had stop for some time but we half expected low numbers of boars turning up.

When we reached there, there was about 20-30 wild boars around. They can actually¬† roam freely around the area. The crowd was relatively small but was beginning to build up slowly. There was an unpleasant stench and we guessed it was the rotten food. The visitors like to feed to boars with food… so there’s bound to be leftovers and nobody to take care of it. By the way, there’s some stalls there selling food so that we can buy to feed them.

The boars varies in sizes and most of it are relatively small. There’s one or two which was quite huge though… at least to me. None of us dare to touch except one. I heard there were all sorts of theories about the boars… which part to touch to get the highest chance of winning etc. There was a theory where one should the ermmm… that part to win. And believe it or not, there’s really people who do that.

The one who touched a boar actually used the same hand to touch the car plate number of the car that we used to travel to that place. Believe it or not, there was actually a matching number in the newspaper the next day BUT…. with a different front digit. Ooops….


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Mini ‘Makan’ Trip To Kampar

Last weekend was a long one due to the public holiday on Monday. Since two of my friends came back from KL so we’ve been discussing of something to do for the next day while hanging out. We’ve been choosing between going Lost World of Tambun to Makan Trip at the ex-mining town. Needless to say, food won over water splashes. Hehe…

On Sunday morning, Kenny went and fetch three of us (me, Bun & Pink) before heading to Kampar. In just about 40 minutes, we reached destination and went straight to the market area. We have no trouble finding the place at all… thanks our walking map called Ngai Bun. ūüôā

The place was full of people. Guess many grabbed the opportunity to get to back to their hometown. We soon found the stall that sells what we were looking for… highly recommended Glutinous Rice. It comes with some char siew and peanuts plus the curry gravy if you feel its too dry. One of its kind. We ordered some other stuffs like Wan Tan Mee and Chee Cheong Fun as well. Ohhh, not to forget the ever delicious Chao Yuen (fried-ball?) as well.

The next destination was a bit tricky because we wanted to find ‘Ham Kok Chai’ stall but we’re not sure where. We were going round the town and ended up back in square one. The stall is actually next to the place we were eating in the morning. Haha… By the time we found it, its already almost 11am and the Ham Kok Chai was sold out. Oh well, till next time then.

We got thirsty so we went and try the FMK Ais Kacang which is situated on the main road. Each bowl cost about RM3 and the portion is slightly more than those in Ipoh. Nothing special about it though… but not bad either.

Next we tried our luck and went to look for waterfall using directions written by some blogger cause there’s actually no road sign to it. The place is called Batu Berangkai Waterfall which we have to go through Kg Batu Berangkai and some aborigine settlement to reach the place. The road is bit narrow and we had trouble getting a spot to park. The water looks cooling and clear enough though we didn’t try it out ourselves except Pink. We just lingered a while and took some pictures before heading back to town.

This time, we tried the laksa from a stall Kam Yew. I shared with Pink because we girls really don’t have that big a room in our tummy. Haha… It tastes great but I prefer Penang Laksa :). Afetr eating, Bun and Kenny we chatting non-stop reminiscing their good old days in school. So stomachs filled, mouth exercise done, scenery viewed… time to go home.

I recommended Taiping as our next Makan Trip when it comes along… but nobody seems to buy it. Hahaha… looks who’s talking? Hmmm… didn’t know Tesco Kampar already operational and the existence of a hotel called Grand Kampar until I passed by it.

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My 4th Coral Bay Visit

Every civil worker is required to attend an induction course in order to be confirmed into the government service. After waiting for so long, I finally had the chance to attend it. I’m already going into my third year of service. Before the day to depart comes, there was much worries and despair. The thought of spending 2 weeks in a resort that I’ve been for 3 times and listening hours and hours of lectures was…uuurrgghh… seems so hard to endure.

¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† It was all another story upon settling down in Pangkor. It wasn’t so hard to bear after all. True enough that some of the lectures were real agonising but some lecturers are real good in getting¬†our attention. We had some good laughs in class and good team work as well. I still can’t believe¬†that we could use one nail to hold another ten!¬†If lectures were indeed boring, I will just take out my htc to chat and¬†go Facebook as there is free wi-fi in the lecture hall.¬†Everyday, we’ll be looking forward to the evening time. It’s our leisure time where we’re on our own.

¬†¬†¬†¬† Most of the time, we’ll play by the beach. Sometimes we’ll play exciting¬†water games¬†like banana boat, or play¬†volley ball or at times we’ll just walk around the beach. Evenings not spent on the beach will be spent on cycling, jogging, swimming in the¬†resort pool¬†or simply reading a good novel by the balcony.

¬†¬†¬†¬† In those rare occasions that we have our class canceled, we can have more time to ourselves and we can venture out and try the foods outside. At one time that there were so many of us, we actually finished up the cafe’s stock of chicken. They took such a long time to cook up the meals that we danced and enjoyed ourselves while waiting.

¬†¬†¬†¬† Towards the end of the course, we had to concentrate on our studies as there is an exam to take on the last day. There was a mixture of feelings after the exam as it meant that it’s time to go home. Feels glad that induction is finally over but at the same time also feels sad to leave all my new found friends. It was great to meet¬†a bunch of lively people heading the same goal¬†as I but away from¬†working environment. Be sure to keep in touch my friends… ūüôā Oh¬†and last but not least, my best wishes to Wai Keng who hurt herself during the course. Get well soon my friend!

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A Trip To Pangkor Island

From traveling to another continent then to another Asian country and now downgraded to taking ferry. It was actually a long awaited trip… much much longer than my US vacation. Something happened the last time we planned to go to that place and the trip wasn’t realised. So this trip is considered to be postponed for 5 years! (if not mistaken)

We’re driving 3 separate cars and suppose to meet up at the Lumut Jetty at 1230pm. One car was on time, another nearly got lost and arrive half hour late while the last one really got lost! Anyway, we reached the island safely albeit being 2-3 hours later than scheduled. The minute we arrived, we headed straight to the beach after checking into our apartment. Water splashing, sand throwing, tossing people into sea water, beach games, napping on the beach etc… Real fun! Exhaustion set in and we went back to our apartment to clean up & bath. Everyone was super hungry so Bun got us some snacks. After that we took dinner at a nearby restaurant… Seafood of course =)

So what are the night activities we did after dinner? We boozed! We play cards, do gossips and drink lots of booze. ( Except for Ian.. cari grandpa chow…) Ivy had the most liquor in her system but Callie is the winner for being the reddest ( Ow also but I think Callie is redder). Did a lot of bullshitting and had a lot of laughters. Nothing beats the Ramly burger when you’re hungry in the middle of night in middle of nowhere.

The next morning, we had nasi lemak as breakfast. Then we took more wine to finish it up while watching Olympics. After that we packed up, checked out and head to Pangkor town for some shopping and food. Then we on our way back to mainland and went on our separate ways.

It was such a fun trip but short lived. The proposed next destination would be Cherating. Anyone who’s interested can contact Ow. Haha… Go to http://picasaweb.google.co.uk/cchivy/PulauPangkorTrip2324August2008 or facebook for photos. Thanks to Ivy, all my bikini clad photos are exposed for public view!!

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Culture Shock?

Yes, I went¬†and visit¬†another foreign country in less than 2 months. This time I traveled¬†with my whole family to Hong Kong and Shenzhen, China. The trip turned out not to be what I’ve anticipated. Of course I do know that it’s summer over there. So I expected it to be hot but I didn’t expect it to be stuffy as well. The humidity was so high until sweat cannot evaporate. Felt sticky all over just like in a sauna room. Sigh… the heat makes it unbearable to walk around¬† and turns people off from any sightseeings.

¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† Anyway, this was my first time in China and I just find it cute that the hotel rooms in HK are so space limited. One step into the room and everything is there… only left one small ‘lorong’ for people to walk. Not even some space to put my luggage bag. Single beds are REALLY single beds. Any small movements and you’ll roll off the floor (if there’s even a floor to fall off to). So I guess HK is really not an obese friendly place… these people¬†will have a really hard time there!

¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† In Shenzhen, the weather is more or less the same…if not hotter. Temperature is around 35 – 40¬įC. Contrary to HK, weather is not the main unbearable factor there… it’s their culture. I did hear lots of stuff about the Chinese there before this¬†but it was nothing until¬†I’ve experienced it myself.¬†Shopping there¬†was a constant worry as fake Renminbi’s are circulating around. They’re famous to trick you into taking the fakes during transaction. Their attitude in forcing you to buy is not helping either. Shenzhen may be a well developed city but the people’s attitude is far from it.

¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† The fact that we’re following a tour guide is not helping either. We’re like little pigs herded from one shop to another and the main reason is to ‘perah’ all your money out. From jade factories to goldsmiths and chinese herbs… all highly priced so they can get higher commission. Oh yeah, before that, they will brain wash you with all sorts of ideas like it’s really a waste if we don’t buy.

¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† I won’t bar China from my places to visit though…there’s still much to be seen.¬†I’ll just make sure that next time I go, there will be no more tour guides and no more in summer.¬†I hope conditions in Beijing isn’t that bad. Best of luck to¬†Olympic 2008…

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Universal Studios Torched

Can’t believe my eyes and ears when I heard about it after I came back. Yeah, Universal Studios in Hollywood was¬†on fire on the first day of June. I was¬†only there just ONE week ago with Bun.¬†The affected part was the New York Street, The King Kong attraction and some film archives. ¬†To think that we were only there and snap pictures of it and even experienced the King Kong thrill few days before it was gone… Sigh.. sigh… Yes, I know I’m supposed to write about other places that I visited before talking about Universal but I can’t help myself. Universal was the last stop before we head back to Hawaii from LA.

We were lucky in a way. It seems that they are not going to rebuild the classic ‘King Kong’ attraction and will be replaced by an all new yet to be determined attraction. Tram tour in Universal Studios Hollywood will never be the same again… I hope they’re building it in the Universal Studios in Singapore though… cause I heard it’s gonna be a big one over in Sentosa Island. Well, luckily ‘Wisteria Lane’ is not touched by the fire or else I don’t get to watch my favourite TV comedy drama, Desperate Housewives ūüôā

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Going Places

It has been a great month last month. The only regret I had was that it ends so fast. Yup, however long you feel the holiday was, it still feel like a short time. I have been to many places I never set foot on it before, got myself tanned the very first destination I went and experienced some harsh weathers. Actually, I didn’t go to any four seasoned place and it was spring (going to be summer) time but somehow, the weather in everywhere that I went is so different. Bright sunny days in San Diego, cool, dry but pleasant winds in Los Angeles, foggy and strong bitter cold winds in San Francisco, snowy mountain top in Grand Canyon, Arizona and of course, sunny beach side in Honolulu.

Actually, I wanted to blog about every place that I went in detail here but then I didn’t have the opportunity and time to do so when I was in the States. Now that I’m back at home, laziness started to crept into me. Hahaha… hopefully I can still do so. I took many many pictures though. Those… I can upload to my facebook and friendster in time to come.:)

Just got back early yesterday morning at 1 am. So I’m still suffering from jet lags. I’m supposed to start work today but took extra 2 days off due to the lag. Yeah.. who would wanna start work so soon after such a long holiday anyway. Just when I got back, news of petrol hike got to me the very same day. And I got caught in the line for the last petrol purchase of RM1.92/liter. One month ago, it would a big hoo haa for me if it heard such a big increase. But now, I’m comparing it to the US gas price and it seemed normal. The prices there has gone up to about $4.10 per gallon.

Anyway, as much as I love US… I’m now back home.¬†Gotta pick up my life again from where it stops. Gonna miss the cheap and readily available Starbucks there (but not the Chinese food!). Till then… Aloha and Mahalo.

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