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Yesterday was an extra holiday for us Perakians. Since I had to work on Mon and my family don’t do prayers for ‘Tian Gong’, I decided to stay back in Taiping. Coincidentally, two of my coursemates came over to Taiping, so we went to watch All’s Well Ends Well 2009. It was cinema 6 again!
The plus point : We sat at the back row this time. The movie has Louise Koo. Full stop. That’s it.
The movie was okay at the beginning. Had some good laughs. Then it got from bad to worse. The corny jokes got cornier and cornier. The ending was the worst, they tried so badly to connect to the previous series. Suddenly they were singing the cliche’ song which was Traditional Chinese style in modern wedding gowns. Urrgghhh… So not worth my money. Please remind me not to go cinema for CNY movies.


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There is a new hype in Taiping. It’s called a cinema. I recently had the opportunity to patronised the outlet though it’s already operational since Raya.

I was told that Taiping used to have a few cinemas but it has all been burnt down. (Not sure why there’s so many fire in the ever raining town). So now cinema is back in existence again under the management of Star Screen Cinemas (SSC).

The show I’ve chosen to watch was Bangkok Dangerous (as the title suggest) starring Nicholas Cage. There was a quite a  big crowd outside the cinema, so I thought maybe it’s hard to get tickets. But it’s not the case. The crowd was mainly consists of Indians, so I guess maybe their choice would be some Tamil movie on screen. (It’s Diwali after all) Due to some other circumstances, we went in 5 minutes late and the show has already started. Probably there’s not many advertisers.

I did not enjoy the movie much although the main female character is a pharmacist. Hehe… I find that the cinema is not very conducive for watching movies as the seats are very near the screen. From what I saw, there’s only 8 rows of seats. So even those sitting in the middle rows are very much in front. Hopefully this just applies to cinema no. 6 and not the other five as well.

Anyway, the fact that there IS a cinema in Taiping would be a reason enough to be jolly. So the rest is just… erm… of less importance.

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Recently, I got myself hooked on the tv set everyday Thursday at 9.30pm. That’s the airing time for the latest American Idol. Somehow, this year’s AI really made me loyally watch every episode. It has got me mesmerized even at the Top 24. Many of them is really really good at singing and deserved a medal or some sort. I have to admit… our own local version of such reality shows really sucks in comparison (eg. OIAM2 and SUPERSTAR! esp).

      Now the show is approaching top 5 with Carly Smithson as the latest drop out. I like most of them and I couldn’t decide which should be the winner. David Archuleta is so cute and has great voice, David Cook is a genius on stage and Brooke White has character (but I’m getting bored of it…). Anyway, I would be happy if any of them wins.

      Here’s some of the songs and idols that awed me… (there’s many more though)


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