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Strong Medicine

It’s the name of a book that I’ve just finished reading. Written by Arthur Hailey, the book is considered old… first published in 1984. I first came to know about this book when I was a student doing an elective course. It was recommended to us by the guest lecturer. I jotted down the title and author but never got around to reading it until early this year. I chanced upon the book on a website and that’s when I obtained online.

Though its old, it was a good read…no matter how long ago the book has been written. The book is related to my profession, pharmacy. It describes how the pharmaceutical industry works. Though their sole purpose is profit, there’s still some people like the main character who inspired us to do right thing. Yes, I’d recommend it to all my fellow pharmacist as well as others involved in pharmaceutical industry.

Hmmm… the book I bought was a second hand. May be I should buy a new one for keepsake.


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