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My First Nail Art

Yesterday, I did something that I’ve never tried before. While walking in Ipoh Parade, I came across this small shop that offers nail art. They were doing a promotion so decided to go ahead. Since I can’t possibly have it done on my fingers, I had it done on my toes. I chose a conservative colour which I later regretted. The girl that did my nails were barely in their 20s. I guess they just finished their Form 5 and yet they have very good art skills. I can’t imagine myself doing the same thing. The whole process took only about 30 minutes. Will definitely give a go again but I’ll choose a more striking colour next time.

Update 29/10/08 : Barely 2 days and I’ve already chipped two of my nails… so ‘chou lou’. Hehe…


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The hair salon is always the place where girls spent a lot of time there. When the hair stylist is fixing the hair, we need to stay put and do nothing. Else a wrong move will probably cost us our hair. So the only thing we can do is exercise our mouth. Yup, hair salon is a place for gossip. All the aunties waiting there will gossip about everything under the sun.

      My visit to the salon last Saturday was no difference. I was there with my mom to get a haircut. But I ended up walking out of the salon with a haircut, hair wash plus hair treatment. Yup, they do what they do best… coax you to try their stuff. She said the treatment was new and now doing promotion at a special rate. And oh… its a new stuff alright, never seen such gadget anywhere else before.

The hair treatment gadget that looks like alien from outa space (sorry, bad photography)The hair treatment gadget that looks like alien from outa space (sorry, bad photography)

       As usual they will first put on some hair treatment cream on your hair. Then instead of heating up the usual way, the girl pushed out some weird gadget with two arms, cover me and my mom’s hair with big hair cover and connect to the arms of the gadget.  ( while we’re at it, those aunties now talking about edison scandal…so old news) Cold smoke blew out from the arms and into the hair cover bag thingy. This lasted for few minutes and then hair wash. and voila… ! Any difference? Don’t feel any. Just a hole in pocket I guess. Yeah, things that girls… no… females ( including my mom) in general will do for beauty 🙂


                   My mom                                                 Me            

The end product… Any difference?


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