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My Wild Boar Experience

This was actually quite some time ago but I didn’t have chance to write about it until now. There’s this Indian Temple behind Tesco which is visited by wild boars at night. Seems like it’s very famous as I heard some people from overseas also visit this place to have a look as well as try to touch the boar. Why? Well, it’s said that touching the boar brings good luck and you can strike a lottery. Haha… so who wouldn’t wanna try their luck?

Anyway, after so much hype about the place, I had chance to go almost 2 months ago. So I went and check out the place to see what it’s all about. It was raining in the evening and we went quite late… about 9 something at night. The rain had stop for some time but we half expected low numbers of boars turning up.

When we reached there, there was about 20-30 wild boars around. They can actually¬† roam freely around the area. The crowd was relatively small but was beginning to build up slowly. There was an unpleasant stench and we guessed it was the rotten food. The visitors like to feed to boars with food… so there’s bound to be leftovers and nobody to take care of it. By the way, there’s some stalls there selling food so that we can buy to feed them.

The boars varies in sizes and most of it are relatively small. There’s one or two which was quite huge though… at least to me. None of us dare to touch except one. I heard there were all sorts of theories about the boars… which part to touch to get the highest chance of winning etc. There was a theory where one should the ermmm… that part to win. And believe it or not, there’s really people who do that.

The one who touched a boar actually used the same hand to touch the car plate number of the car that we used to travel to that place. Believe it or not, there was actually a matching number in the newspaper the next day BUT…. with a different front digit. Ooops….


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So many misfortunes has befallen as of today. First, the internet was not working yesterday which I thought would be a temporary setback. Today, I got the news that it wouldn’t be fixed until 30th April. OMG?! What am I suppose to do every night after work? Apparently, someone stole the underground cable so there wasn’t even a dial tone.

As if the heaven have heard our sorrows, there were heavy downpours right after. Haha… Yeah, I know Taiping is a rain town. And TODAY, it has live up to its name. For the first time in 3 years I’ve been here, it flooded the hospital. We were all quite amazed at the flooded entrance cause there was a car at danger of being drowned by the water.

Then came the news that our very own satellite was flooded. Mind you, the water came from above the ceiling and of all places, it poured right above all our precious drugs! One minute, the satellite was a peaceful place and then the next minute, it became a disaster. The desktop, the printers, documents, drugs were all soaked with water. My friend’s clinic was actually flooded one foot deep. Somehow this feels amusing rather than horror. It’s like some scene from a movie that I still can’t believe.

Anyway, the fact that I can post this on the day it happen shows that a miracle has happen. I can use my broadband again merely after 9 hours they broke the bad news about taking ONE month to fix the problem. I wonder if it has anything to do with tomorrow’s event.

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