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It’s Pharmacist

A houseman and a specialist wrote this in the BHT: famacyst, farmacist. Respectively. I wonder which part of us look like a cyst… Hmm…


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Mini ‘Makan’ Trip To Kampar

Last weekend was a long one due to the public holiday on Monday. Since two of my friends came back from KL so we’ve been discussing of something to do for the next day while hanging out. We’ve been choosing between going Lost World of Tambun to Makan Trip at the ex-mining town. Needless to say, food won over water splashes. Hehe…

On Sunday morning, Kenny went and fetch three of us (me, Bun & Pink) before heading to Kampar. In just about 40 minutes, we reached destination and went straight to the market area. We have no trouble finding the place at all… thanks our walking map called Ngai Bun. 🙂

The place was full of people. Guess many grabbed the opportunity to get to back to their hometown. We soon found the stall that sells what we were looking for… highly recommended Glutinous Rice. It comes with some char siew and peanuts plus the curry gravy if you feel its too dry. One of its kind. We ordered some other stuffs like Wan Tan Mee and Chee Cheong Fun as well. Ohhh, not to forget the ever delicious Chao Yuen (fried-ball?) as well.

The next destination was a bit tricky because we wanted to find ‘Ham Kok Chai’ stall but we’re not sure where. We were going round the town and ended up back in square one. The stall is actually next to the place we were eating in the morning. Haha… By the time we found it, its already almost 11am and the Ham Kok Chai was sold out. Oh well, till next time then.

We got thirsty so we went and try the FMK Ais Kacang which is situated on the main road. Each bowl cost about RM3 and the portion is slightly more than those in Ipoh. Nothing special about it though… but not bad either.

Next we tried our luck and went to look for waterfall using directions written by some blogger cause there’s actually no road sign to it. The place is called Batu Berangkai Waterfall which we have to go through Kg Batu Berangkai and some aborigine settlement to reach the place. The road is bit narrow and we had trouble getting a spot to park. The water looks cooling and clear enough though we didn’t try it out ourselves except Pink. We just lingered a while and took some pictures before heading back to town.

This time, we tried the laksa from a stall Kam Yew. I shared with Pink because we girls really don’t have that big a room in our tummy. Haha… It tastes great but I prefer Penang Laksa :). Afetr eating, Bun and Kenny we chatting non-stop reminiscing their good old days in school. So stomachs filled, mouth exercise done, scenery viewed… time to go home.

I recommended Taiping as our next Makan Trip when it comes along… but nobody seems to buy it. Hahaha… looks who’s talking? Hmmm… didn’t know Tesco Kampar already operational and the existence of a hotel called Grand Kampar until I passed by it.

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