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My 4th Coral Bay Visit

Every civil worker is required to attend an induction course in order to be confirmed into the government service. After waiting for so long, I finally had the chance to attend it. I’m already going into my third year of service. Before the day to depart comes, there was much worries and despair. The thought of spending 2 weeks in a resort that I’ve been for 3 times and listening hours and hours of lectures was…uuurrgghh… seems so hard to endure.

       It was all another story upon settling down in Pangkor. It wasn’t so hard to bear after all. True enough that some of the lectures were real agonising but some lecturers are real good in getting our attention. We had some good laughs in class and good team work as well. I still can’t believe that we could use one nail to hold another ten! If lectures were indeed boring, I will just take out my htc to chat and go Facebook as there is free wi-fi in the lecture hall. Everyday, we’ll be looking forward to the evening time. It’s our leisure time where we’re on our own.

     Most of the time, we’ll play by the beach. Sometimes we’ll play exciting water games like banana boat, or play volley ball or at times we’ll just walk around the beach. Evenings not spent on the beach will be spent on cycling, jogging, swimming in the resort pool or simply reading a good novel by the balcony.

     In those rare occasions that we have our class canceled, we can have more time to ourselves and we can venture out and try the foods outside. At one time that there were so many of us, we actually finished up the cafe’s stock of chicken. They took such a long time to cook up the meals that we danced and enjoyed ourselves while waiting.

     Towards the end of the course, we had to concentrate on our studies as there is an exam to take on the last day. There was a mixture of feelings after the exam as it meant that it’s time to go home. Feels glad that induction is finally over but at the same time also feels sad to leave all my new found friends. It was great to meet a bunch of lively people heading the same goal as I but away from working environment. Be sure to keep in touch my friends… 🙂 Oh and last but not least, my best wishes to Wai Keng who hurt herself during the course. Get well soon my friend!


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November at a glance

Last week has been a real busy for me. Particularly because my workings days were shorten due to the other functions that I have to/had attend, my colleagues in the same department with me were away as well as the super blur new PRPs that just reported not long ago. There are so many of them that they out numbered those permanent ones in the hospital. Now it seems like too many cooks spoils the broth and I feel like a babysitter taking care of them every step of the way. Hopefully, in time to come, they will ease my workload instead.

My daily work have to be put aside as I have to prepare for the side project which is due on Wednesday. I weren’t around last Wed to Fri so I have to rush to finish it by Tue. Then, I need rushed back to Ipoh to catch a bus the next day to KLIA. Not that I’m flying off to anywhere. Just that it so happened that the place to attend my course is nearby the airport. It’s about updating and upgrading myself on the documentation of my daily work.

Yep, so for 3 days I was stuck in a hotel listening, eating and sleeping (while US got a new president and our very own RPK is released). The food was good. The selection was far more varied compared to other governmental courses that I’ve been to. As for the accommodation… well… not the same as I imagine, but ‘boleh tahan la’. Hehe… I guess the most important is whether I learned something. Although I’ve been to a similar course with similar agenda but this one is actually far better. Haha…. most probably because the latter is actually national level.

Well, in government settings, going for such course meant more work. That’s because I have to relay the same message and information back to my fellow colleagues in my hospital. Sigh… But then again, this will not be possible in short time to come because I need to head to another course soon. This one is actually 2 weeks! Yes, so when I said my workings days were shorten, I meant like 5- 6 days of work for this whole month.

Sounds relaxing but its not. It translates to more work in the future, studying for exam as well as bringing work back home. So for now I need to switch my mind back to my side project (QAP) and prepare for presentation this coming Monday.

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There is a new hype in Taiping. It’s called a cinema. I recently had the opportunity to patronised the outlet though it’s already operational since Raya.

I was told that Taiping used to have a few cinemas but it has all been burnt down. (Not sure why there’s so many fire in the ever raining town). So now cinema is back in existence again under the management of Star Screen Cinemas (SSC).

The show I’ve chosen to watch was Bangkok Dangerous (as the title suggest) starring Nicholas Cage. There was a quite a  big crowd outside the cinema, so I thought maybe it’s hard to get tickets. But it’s not the case. The crowd was mainly consists of Indians, so I guess maybe their choice would be some Tamil movie on screen. (It’s Diwali after all) Due to some other circumstances, we went in 5 minutes late and the show has already started. Probably there’s not many advertisers.

I did not enjoy the movie much although the main female character is a pharmacist. Hehe… I find that the cinema is not very conducive for watching movies as the seats are very near the screen. From what I saw, there’s only 8 rows of seats. So even those sitting in the middle rows are very much in front. Hopefully this just applies to cinema no. 6 and not the other five as well.

Anyway, the fact that there IS a cinema in Taiping would be a reason enough to be jolly. So the rest is just… erm… of less importance.

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