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My First Nail Art

Yesterday, I did something that I’ve never tried before. While walking in Ipoh Parade, I came across this small shop that offers nail art. They were doing a promotion so decided to go ahead. Since I can’t possibly have it done on my fingers, I had it done on my toes. I chose a conservative colour which I later regretted. The girl that did my nails were barely in their 20s. I guess they just finished their Form 5 and yet they have very good art skills. I can’t imagine myself doing the same thing. The whole process took only about 30 minutes. Will definitely give a go again but I’ll choose a more striking colour next time.

Update 29/10/08 : Barely 2 days and I’ve already chipped two of my nails… so ‘chou lou’. Hehe…


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Critical Appraisal

It was a long weekend break and many would’ve spent holidaying or going back to their hometown. Mine was spent in a secluded resort learning how to critically appraise a journal. Yes, it’s a bombastic word which I myself had no idea how to define it.

The course is being conducted in a resort in Kamunting and therefore staying in is not a necessity since my rented place is nearby. Many of my colleagues opt to stay back at home but I chose to stay in the resort. Well, the room is already paid and since I’m one of the organizing committee, I might as well stay to ease my work.

The rooms there are actually very nice and spacious but mine was a big let down. The first time I open the door room, the first thing that greeted me was the awful smell of cigarettes. So I opened up the windows and put the fan and air con to max to chase away the smell. It didn’t help. Finally 10.30pm at night, I call up the reception to request for a new room. The new room not only got no such smell, it also has a balcony overlooking the swimming pool, the golf terrace as well as hillside view.

We’ve invited a lecturer specializing in pharmacoepidemiology from UM to enlighten us on this subject. She was a lady with her own principles. A quality which I find in most successful academicians and which I lacked (regretfully to say…). She taught us well and we’ve learned a lot from her.

Being a pharmacist, we have to face with the challenge to interpret journals everyday. We need to know how to differentiate between useful information or otherwise so that we can provide unbiased information to our other health care colleagues. It’s a big task when some irresponsible representatives tried to blind us or mislead us into believing something else.

I’m glad to say that, at the end of this course, I’m able to tell what those different terms are all about and be able to look for quality and well written papers. I aspire to be able to pinpoint the weaknesses of the information provided by pharmaceutical companies so as not to give blinded information to patients. This course would be stepping stone for me towards that goal. I’m glad to be given the opportunity to attend it.

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Strong Medicine

It’s the name of a book that I’ve just finished reading. Written by Arthur Hailey, the book is considered old… first published in 1984. I first came to know about this book when I was a student doing an elective course. It was recommended to us by the guest lecturer. I jotted down the title and author but never got around to reading it until early this year. I chanced upon the book on a website and that’s when I obtained online.

Though its old, it was a good read…no matter how long ago the book has been written. The book is related to my profession, pharmacy. It describes how the pharmaceutical industry works. Though their sole purpose is profit, there’s still some people like the main character who inspired us to do right thing. Yes, I’d recommend it to all my fellow pharmacist as well as others involved in pharmaceutical industry.

Hmmm… the book I bought was a second hand. May be I should buy a new one for keepsake.

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I have been busy lately with weddings. Yeah, but it’s not mine. As I’ve predicted early in the year (http://jesse-wong.blog.friendster.com/2008/01/end-of-year-2007/), I’ll be busy attending wedding dinner which is quite true now that end of the year is approaching.

So far I’ve gone to 3 weddings (2 from Ipoh and another in Johor) and just last week, I’ve received a total of 3 wedding invitations where 2 is from Ipoh and another in Johor as well. I also will be expected to attend another one in 2 weeks time.

The most recent wedding that I’ve been to, have really opened my eyes. I have not expected much since the place I went is Segamat which is suppose to be quite ‘ulu’ (Sorry YL). I guess it’s worth traveling all the way down south at the end.

The ‘fried mee’ session was actually the grandest by far. It seemed like almost the whole Segamat is there to attend the fully served buffet (rows & rows of dishes to choose from). When it’s time to ‘pick up’ the bride the next morning, the ‘sisters (ji mui)’ games were so enjoyable. They really took their time and made sure the groom and ‘brothers’ doesn’t have good time. Made us feel like we didn’t do enough for Lee Chen’s wedding when we played as ‘sisters’.

Even the main event of dining is beyond my expectation. First, it’s done in daytime. Yup, so it’s lunch instead of dinner. The venue is so new and so much more sophisticated than any restaurants in Ipoh that I’ve been to. The food? Scrumptious! What can say… I’m served with abalone, individually prepared (in ‘dan chung’) shark fin soup with dried scallops as well as hasma for dessert.

All in all, I had an enjoyable time there in Johor. So, it has made my day and did not regret going all the way down south. It’s really worth it. Thanks a bunch to the groom for his great hospitality and WT & PT for the great photography (though I have yet to see it… but I’m sure it will turn out beautifully)

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