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Half Way Down the Road

Today is a historical day for me. It marks the date that I have already worked exactly two years in Taiping. So there’ll be another two more years down this road before there’ll be another crossroad for me. Looking back… I can’t believe that I’ve survived so long here. I’ve survived…

… the times when there’s only The Store to buy things I need. But now there’s already a Tesco, Starbucks, OldTown Kopitiam and a cinema on the way.

…being a PRP. Now that I’m FRP, I’m struggling to make a difference to the medical ward as a clinical pharmacist.

… the mundane life in Taiping by taking up yoga, line dancing, going up Maxwell Hill and Poncho Poncho (only tried once). Ooops, currently not doing any of those at all. Only went up Maxwell yesterday.

… the edible but not so great food of Taiping. Really can’t figure out what’s so tasty about Taiping food. I guessed being a resident in Ipoh have set my standards ultra high.

… my ex-next door neighbour’s strange behaviours and now staying happily in a new place that’s nearer to work, bigger, cheaper and more privacy.

So now I need to look ahead. I wonder what’s next….


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A Week Under the Weather

I meant to write this quite some time ago but I didn’t have time. I had no idea what happened to me as I fell sick all of a sudden. It started during bedtime on thursday night. I suddenly felt very cold and was shivering all the way. Covering myself in blanket also did not help. I’m not sure how long it last but at last I dozed off.. at least for little while. Woke up at 2 smtg in the wee hours of the morning and realised that I’m having fever. Thinking that I still have to work the next morning, I crawled out of bed and look for paracetamol (aka Panadols) but couldn’t find any ( what kinda pharmacist is this?!). So I went to knock my housemate’s room in the middle of the night to ask for some. Took 2 pills and went back to sleep.

       I actually went to work as usual the next morning but I felt myself getting sicker. By afternoon, I got myself a thermometer to check my temperature… 38.5 degree celsius. I took more pcms and head back Ipoh. Luckily I got a friend to fetch me back so i don’t have to struggle to drive myself. After dinner, i just slept all the way to the next morning. Over the weekend, my fever didn’t really settle. It came on and off. Finally, I took MC on Monday and went to a GP for consultation. “Viral fever,” the doctor said but he’s still giving me antibiotics. He gave me MC for a day but my fever didn’t settle eventhough I took the meds he gave. Rashes started to appear on my right arm as well as my chest and possibility of dengue looms into my mind.

      The next day, I head back to Taiping and went straight to casualty. The doctor took some blood to check for dengue fever. Had to wait an hour to the result and it turns out to be negative… Oh what a relieve. Anyway, she advised me to continue the meds that the GP gave and gave me another 2 days MC.

      After 6 days of on and off fever, and exhausted my stock of pcm, I finally gone back to work on Friday. It was the longest time I had been sick (apart from chicken pox). Normal flu will just be 3 days max. I wondered if it’s because I’m working in a hospital now and caught some super bugs there. Until now, I still don’t what actually happened. Just hope that there wouldn’t be another episode like this for a long long time… no, better be NEVER.

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