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A Trip To Pangkor Island

From traveling to another continent then to another Asian country and now downgraded to taking ferry. It was actually a long awaited trip… much much longer than my US vacation. Something happened the last time we planned to go to that place and the trip wasn’t realised. So this trip is considered to be postponed for 5 years! (if not mistaken)

We’re driving 3 separate cars and suppose to meet up at the Lumut Jetty at 1230pm. One car was on time, another nearly got lost and arrive half hour late while the last one really got lost! Anyway, we reached the island safely albeit being 2-3 hours later than scheduled. The minute we arrived, we headed straight to the beach after checking into our apartment. Water splashing, sand throwing, tossing people into sea water, beach games, napping on the beach etc… Real fun! Exhaustion set in and we went back to our apartment to clean up & bath. Everyone was super hungry so Bun got us some snacks. After that we took dinner at a nearby restaurant… Seafood of course =)

So what are the night activities we did after dinner? We boozed! We play cards, do gossips and drink lots of booze. ( Except for Ian.. cari grandpa chow…) Ivy had the most liquor in her system but Callie is the winner for being the reddest ( Ow also but I think Callie is redder). Did a lot of bullshitting and had a lot of laughters. Nothing beats the Ramly burger when you’re hungry in the middle of night in middle of nowhere.

The next morning, we had nasi lemak as breakfast. Then we took more wine to finish it up while watching Olympics. After that we packed up, checked out and head to Pangkor town for some shopping and food. Then we on our way back to mainland and went on our separate ways.

It was such a fun trip but short lived. The proposed next destination would be Cherating. Anyone who’s interested can contact Ow. Haha… Go to http://picasaweb.google.co.uk/cchivy/PulauPangkorTrip2324August2008 or facebook for photos. Thanks to Ivy, all my bikini clad photos are exposed for public view!!


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Of Dates & Numbers

Our lives revolve around numbers a lot. It sometimes meant a lot to us Chinese especially. The Olympics is a very good example as the opening ceremony have to be set on 08.08.08 at 8pm (Great opening btw…). ‘8’ sounds like ‘fatt’ in Chinese which brings the meaning of prosperity. Many couples chose this date to tie the knot as well. I guess everyone wants to be a part of such dates that comes once in a lifetime.

For Chinese, no couples will get married in the 4th and 7th month of the lunar calendar. These are considered bad times as Cheng Ming & Hungry Ghost Festival falls on these months respectively. Example of auspicious dates would be in the 8th month (around Sept). Indeed, I have actually a few friends and acquaintances getting married on that month (5 and counting…)

So why do I bring out this subject? That’s because I just found out that my birthday this year actually falls on the Hungry Ghost Festival day. I was born on the 15th day of the month in lunar calendar but throughout my lifetime I had never experience such coincidence. I never realised that until recently. I guess we, August babies, will each go through a year where our birthday coincides with that special day. Consequences? I think I need to be prepared that nobody is going to celebrate my birthday on the exact date. Hmmm.. better think of some entertainment for myself.

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Culture Shock?

Yes, I went and visit another foreign country in less than 2 months. This time I traveled with my whole family to Hong Kong and Shenzhen, China. The trip turned out not to be what I’ve anticipated. Of course I do know that it’s summer over there. So I expected it to be hot but I didn’t expect it to be stuffy as well. The humidity was so high until sweat cannot evaporate. Felt sticky all over just like in a sauna room. Sigh… the heat makes it unbearable to walk around  and turns people off from any sightseeings.

      Anyway, this was my first time in China and I just find it cute that the hotel rooms in HK are so space limited. One step into the room and everything is there… only left one small ‘lorong’ for people to walk. Not even some space to put my luggage bag. Single beds are REALLY single beds. Any small movements and you’ll roll off the floor (if there’s even a floor to fall off to). So I guess HK is really not an obese friendly place… these people will have a really hard time there!

      In Shenzhen, the weather is more or less the same…if not hotter. Temperature is around 35 – 40°C. Contrary to HK, weather is not the main unbearable factor there… it’s their culture. I did hear lots of stuff about the Chinese there before this but it was nothing until I’ve experienced it myself. Shopping there was a constant worry as fake Renminbi’s are circulating around. They’re famous to trick you into taking the fakes during transaction. Their attitude in forcing you to buy is not helping either. Shenzhen may be a well developed city but the people’s attitude is far from it.

       The fact that we’re following a tour guide is not helping either. We’re like little pigs herded from one shop to another and the main reason is to ‘perah’ all your money out. From jade factories to goldsmiths and chinese herbs… all highly priced so they can get higher commission. Oh yeah, before that, they will brain wash you with all sorts of ideas like it’s really a waste if we don’t buy.

      I won’t bar China from my places to visit though…there’s still much to be seen. I’ll just make sure that next time I go, there will be no more tour guides and no more in summer. I hope conditions in Beijing isn’t that bad. Best of luck to Olympic 2008…

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