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Universal Studios Torched

Can’t believe my eyes and ears when I heard about it after I came back. Yeah, Universal Studios in Hollywood was on fire on the first day of June. I was only there just ONE week ago with Bun. The affected part was the New York Street, The King Kong attraction and some film archives.  To think that we were only there and snap pictures of it and even experienced the King Kong thrill few days before it was gone… Sigh.. sigh… Yes, I know I’m supposed to write about other places that I visited before talking about Universal but I can’t help myself. Universal was the last stop before we head back to Hawaii from LA.

We were lucky in a way. It seems that they are not going to rebuild the classic ‘King Kong’ attraction and will be replaced by an all new yet to be determined attraction. Tram tour in Universal Studios Hollywood will never be the same again… I hope they’re building it in the Universal Studios in Singapore though… cause I heard it’s gonna be a big one over in Sentosa Island. Well, luckily ‘Wisteria Lane’ is not touched by the fire or else I don’t get to watch my favourite TV comedy drama, Desperate Housewives 🙂


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Going Places

It has been a great month last month. The only regret I had was that it ends so fast. Yup, however long you feel the holiday was, it still feel like a short time. I have been to many places I never set foot on it before, got myself tanned the very first destination I went and experienced some harsh weathers. Actually, I didn’t go to any four seasoned place and it was spring (going to be summer) time but somehow, the weather in everywhere that I went is so different. Bright sunny days in San Diego, cool, dry but pleasant winds in Los Angeles, foggy and strong bitter cold winds in San Francisco, snowy mountain top in Grand Canyon, Arizona and of course, sunny beach side in Honolulu.

Actually, I wanted to blog about every place that I went in detail here but then I didn’t have the opportunity and time to do so when I was in the States. Now that I’m back at home, laziness started to crept into me. Hahaha… hopefully I can still do so. I took many many pictures though. Those… I can upload to my facebook and friendster in time to come.:)

Just got back early yesterday morning at 1 am. So I’m still suffering from jet lags. I’m supposed to start work today but took extra 2 days off due to the lag. Yeah.. who would wanna start work so soon after such a long holiday anyway. Just when I got back, news of petrol hike got to me the very same day. And I got caught in the line for the last petrol purchase of RM1.92/liter. One month ago, it would a big hoo haa for me if it heard such a big increase. But now, I’m comparing it to the US gas price and it seemed normal. The prices there has gone up to about $4.10 per gallon.

Anyway, as much as I love US… I’m now back home. Gotta pick up my life again from where it stops. Gonna miss the cheap and readily available Starbucks there (but not the Chinese food!). Till then… Aloha and Mahalo.

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