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Pearl Harbor


Been out of touch with the cyber world for some time now. Not that I’m complaining though…cause instead, I’m having the time of my life. Going places. Let’s see… I stop from even the first day of my trip. Haha… Dole Plantation was my first destination. I’m not sure where I should start. So many days and so many places to cover. Guess I’ll just write whatever that comes into mine.


            After Dole Plantation, we went to Pearl Harbor, a historic place since Dec 7th, 1941. It was 1 hour bus ride away from downtown. When we arrive there was already so many people lining up to get their tickets. No bags are allowed into the theatre or anywhere in the compound. This is due to the 911 incident which tighten up their security. By the time we got into the line, our show time is already one and half hour wait. So we just walk around the museum, bookshop, and souvenirs and take pictures around the area. The show is all about what happen during WWII that led to the attack of Pearl Harbor.


            After the show, we were directed to board the boat to head to USS Arizona Memorial. That was where the USS Arizona was sunken along with its over 1000 navies and crew members. Parts of the ship can still be seen from above water. It was a wonder that after 63 years, there still traces of oil coming out from the ship and floating away into the vast ocean. Tears of Arizona… they call it.


            There is still USS Missouri as well as Bowfin that we can enter and observe the inner structures. But we chose to omit that. Too expensive and not that interested.









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Dole Plantation


Woke up early morning and took bus all the way to Dole Plantation… the world famous pineapple plantation. Don’t know where is it exactly… but it took us over an hour of bus ride. Headed straight to the Pineapple maze first cause that’s where the fun part is. It was actually already noon and two silly people went under the sun finding secrets in the maze for nearly an hour.  yeah, finally found all the 8 secrets and came out with sunburn as well as a headache. The wind was so cooling and nice that we didn’t realise the sun was so treacherous.

      We wre already hungry by then and so we fill our stomachs first before going into the Garden Tour. Nothing much to see in there except plants and plants and plants. Haha… Feel like we got cheated for the $8 we paid. Anyway, we manage to take lots of photos (some uploaded in my facebook already) and help ourselves with their famous pineapple ice-cream… Dole Whip. Yum Yum!!

       Before we head back to town, I had the opportunity to pick a live oyster and got a pink coloured pearl out of it. The sales girl said that pink pearl is kinda rare as most people will get a white one. Pink stands for health and beauty… according to her. okay, that’s it for today. More post about my trip later… 🙂

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First day in Hawaii, USA. Arrived around 7.30am (Hawaiian time) and went straight to Bun’s home. Jet lag. Haven’t had a good sleep in 26 hours so I was practically knocked out when I reach his place. Only got forced to wake up at 2pm by Bun because he was hungry. So we went down for a late lunch in a Vietnamese cafe. Both of us had Pho (pronounced as ‘fur’). Then we went and walked around the area which includes HPU (Bun’s university) as well as Aloha Tower. Didn’t really finish touring around the area because it’s already late and we had dinner arrangements with Bun’s brother. So we might go there again.

Waikiki. That’s the most happening place in the whole island of Oahu. THat’s where Bun’s brother, his gf, Bun and I are heading for dinner. Denny’s is the name of the dining place. Didn’t order any main course for myself as one main course’s portion is already enough for 2 person. Then we head to Waikiki beach where they have fireworks display every Friday night. We were nearly there when the fireworks started so we just manage to catch the last minute of the fireworks. Then we walked around the beach, took some photos, window shopping around Hilton Waikiki Village. Never have I seen such a long queu at the hotel check in at 8pm at night! These people are just super rich to afford to go Hilton and yet they need to line up. Summer holiday… That’s it for the first day at we head back home.

P/s: More entries when free 🙂



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Let’s see…

1. Air ticket — checked
2. Passport — checked
3. USD — checked (could do with more but should be enough *wink*)
4. Yen — checked
5. Packing luggage — this is a tough one but… checked
6. Yoyo Bus ticket to KLIA — checked
7. Bikini — checked!
8. Shopping list — checked
9. Camera — checked
10. Myself!! — checked

Ok. All set and ready to go! *wink*

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