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Recently, I got myself hooked on the tv set everyday Thursday at 9.30pm. That’s the airing time for the latest American Idol. Somehow, this year’s AI really made me loyally watch every episode. It has got me mesmerized even at the Top 24. Many of them is really really good at singing and deserved a medal or some sort. I have to admit… our own local version of such reality shows really sucks in comparison (eg. OIAM2 and SUPERSTAR! esp).

      Now the show is approaching top 5 with Carly Smithson as the latest drop out. I like most of them and I couldn’t decide which should be the winner. David Archuleta is so cute and has great voice, David Cook is a genius on stage and Brooke White has character (but I’m getting bored of it…). Anyway, I would be happy if any of them wins.

      Here’s some of the songs and idols that awed me… (there’s many more though)



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The hair salon is always the place where girls spent a lot of time there. When the hair stylist is fixing the hair, we need to stay put and do nothing. Else a wrong move will probably cost us our hair. So the only thing we can do is exercise our mouth. Yup, hair salon is a place for gossip. All the aunties waiting there will gossip about everything under the sun.

      My visit to the salon last Saturday was no difference. I was there with my mom to get a haircut. But I ended up walking out of the salon with a haircut, hair wash plus hair treatment. Yup, they do what they do best… coax you to try their stuff. She said the treatment was new and now doing promotion at a special rate. And oh… its a new stuff alright, never seen such gadget anywhere else before.

The hair treatment gadget that looks like alien from outa space (sorry, bad photography)The hair treatment gadget that looks like alien from outa space (sorry, bad photography)

       As usual they will first put on some hair treatment cream on your hair. Then instead of heating up the usual way, the girl pushed out some weird gadget with two arms, cover me and my mom’s hair with big hair cover and connect to the arms of the gadget.  ( while we’re at it, those aunties now talking about edison scandal…so old news) Cold smoke blew out from the arms and into the hair cover bag thingy. This lasted for few minutes and then hair wash. and voila… ! Any difference? Don’t feel any. Just a hole in pocket I guess. Yeah, things that girls… no… females ( including my mom) in general will do for beauty 🙂


                   My mom                                                 Me            

The end product… Any difference?


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Last Weekend…

…had a hearty breakfast with my parents in Bercham.

…lunched & shopped with my ex-coursemates/housemates and had a good long chat with them.

…bought something which I shouldn’t have but compensated with buying something more worth while.

…had supper with my gang of close friends and had a fruitful conversation with them.

…had an enlightened lesson on ‘Facebooking’.

…disappointed a friend but will make it up next weekend.

…brought home some work from hospital and only managed to do 25% of it.

…confirmed hotel bookings in Narita, Japan.

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Nuisance or what?

(Updates from the previous post)

Today was a super busy day for me. I had to follow rounds, dispense to my discharged patients, do medication history, screen and supply ward medications; All of which are my daily workloads. Apart from that I need to finish typing some letters, go another ward to talk to the sister, go ICU, attend a talk (again…) as well as a meeting for the ‘pegawais’. Yeah…. kinda break my own record of staying at workplace for the longest duration which is until 7.10pm. (Doesn’t count the time when we had to go back to work at night due to accreditation).

       But… this did not deter me from getting more news about this Hindraf patient which was warded. As I have said, he wasn’t in my ward but my colleague’s. So I hope she doesn’t mind if I put everything she said in here (do you?). Anyway, this guy was actually quite demanding and protective. He jot down everything that was told to him by his doctors… as well as demand that the doctor write the things he said into the medical record. Medical records are meant to record patient’s medical progress!… not whatever the patient ask to write. Whenever the doctor refuses, he INSISTED. Whatever medications precribed to him, he demands to know who exactly gave it to him (specialist or otherwise). Well, he’s a lawyer after all. He definitely knows his rights and how to use it. 

(p/s: there was an article about him today in the papers)

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Hospital Taiping seems to be quite happening these days. First, there was a patient who went amok last week. Not sure about the actual situation as I only heard of it and have not witness it myself… although I’m actually in the same building and same floor at the same time! (Just different ward) The guy actually wanted to be discharged in the wee hours of the morning. Eventually he became more and more restless and then turned violent. He actually had a knife with him and pointed at anyone who tried to block him. From what I heard, he went almost every floor of the building and tried to attack the nurses on 1st floor. The security actually got his pants torn. Finally he was caught by the police. So much drama on early Fri morning…

Then, there was this Hindraf guy that was warded due to a fall. And as if that has not gotten enough media attention… another one was warded last night. Hmmm… gonna have to get use to the sight policemen and media people around my workplace. Hopefully no more ISA detainees get warded anytime soon… (Goodness..PM just release them pls).

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Food Haven

Just last weekend, I found myself driving back to Ipoh on a Saturday afternoon instead of my usual Friday after work time. That’s because we had this talk on Saturday morning called ‘Rational Use of Medicine’. What? Like that also need to talk ah?… Yes, and I was super bored throughout the whole 2 hours (Sorry Beh) But… eventually good things actually came out of it. It is then that I got to know about this invitation to go Indulgence later at night as well as rendevous to eat dim sum with my colleagues the next morning. Haha…

      Yup. So later that night I went to indulge myself in Indulgence under the sponsorship of a drug company… which means… it’s FOC 🙂 Nothing beats good free food. It was a buffet dinner that includes oysters, salmon salad, pastas, mutton, duck meat, bread puddings, tartlets and etc.. (some other stuffs with some hightech name which i dunno…shrugged). Ate until I couldn’t take another bite.

      After the dinner, I went and meet up some friends for a while before going back home to sleep. Only to wake up the next morning to indulge myself one more time in some other delicacy… Dim Sum! Yes, the very famous Ipoh Dim Sum in Foh San. Gotta wake up early ( but not as early as my Taiping friends la…) and drive to the place. Whenr each, my friends are already there. Saw the HK actress Chu Mimi having dim sum there as well. My dad says she’s from Ipoh actually… Hmmm…. Had a lot of Har Gao, Siew Mai, Chu cheong fun, egg tarts, char siew bao etc… Urgghhh…. Too full to speak…

      Later at night, my parents to me to eat…guess what… our Ipoh’s very famous nga choy kai! Yup, ate to hearts content yet again… Is Ipoh a heaven to live or what? Haha…. (need to exercise more if this keeps going on every week *wink*)

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Hi.. I’ve just created this page to blog about myself (duh…). Got tired of using my friendster account for blogging and I found myself blogging less & less as well. So… Here it is. Not much to be proud of yet. Enjoy… 

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